An Art as Medicine Piece by Peace Project on Leagrave Park ran by the Sundon Park Community.

11am – 7pm


Sewing Circle

Do you want to learn some new techniques? Are you seeking inspiration? Are you new to sewing? Or do you just want to spend time with others doing what you love? Then a sewing group is the perfect place for you. 

The recent economic crisis has seen people turning to sewing as a way of saving money and wanting to learn how to make or repair their own clothes instead of having to buy more.


11am – 7pm


Gardening Club 


Whatever type of gardener you are or if you are just interested in gardening, the Gardeners Club is for you. The Gardeners Club is a free to join club for everyone with an interest in gardening and gardens.


By also joining our online garden club you’ll be able to share your pictures, share your tips and tricks, share your gardening experiences, share your views on gardening and share your knowledge.


11am – 7pm


 Writing Circle

The goal of a writing circle is to improve one’s own craft by listening to the works and suggestions of others in the group. It also builds a sense of community, and allows new writers to become accustomed to sharing their work.

This group will also produce the quarterly Sundon Park Newsletter. 


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