Piece By Piece Project

This is a project that has been decades in the making. Hence its name, Piece By Piece.


We will be creating a Community Hub for Sundon Park, piece by piece, over the coming decade.


We are embracing all the local community’s individual skills, talents, and abilities; each person is a jigsaw piece in our society’s landscape.


We are taking inspiration from all the diverse backgrounds and cultures within our community and letting each person know that they are a part of a whole and we need them to be complete. Each person is a tiny thread that makes up the fabric of the community that is Sundon Park.


Click here to view Provisional Schedule of Activities at Leagrave Park Pavilion



Features and Benefits


The Sundon Park Community Hub, once operational, will provide:


The Former Bowling Green – Temporary Event Space for Theatrical Production


  • The Theatre Garden – Taking inspiration from historic African nomadic tribes who lived naturally and in harmony with the land, leaving no permanent trace of their settlements. We would like to create a temporary Theatre Garden in the former bowling green.
    • Creating a series of cultural gardens in portable raised beds on legs, containing culturally significant herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables from:-
  1. African,
  2. Asian,
  3. Caribbean,
  4. Eastern Asian,
  5. Eastern Europe,
  6. Indian Subcontinent,
  7. the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


  1. Western Europe.
  • Adding commissioned cultural art pieces, water features and incense waterfalls
  • With an audience seating area within a Bedouin stretch Marquee
  • A 10m x 6m Stage with an inflatable Cover will be added for performance events


The Pavilion – Weekday Community Hub

  • A meeting place for all ages
    • Senior peoples learning and skill attainment activities
    • Holiday Playschemes and activities for young people aged 5 – 15
    • Coffee mornings
    • Under 5’s early learning play centre
    • Youth Mentoring 13 – 18
    • Gardening & Conservation Club
    • Paintings in the Park events
    • Poetry in the Park events
    • Art Medicine Sessions
    • Well-Being & Nutrition Sessions
    • Myrna Loy’s – Inspirational Herbal Tea Kitchen
    • Ray’s Health & Wellbeing Association
    • Caribbean sporting contribution to England and Luton art installations
    • As well as other events, activities and workshops
  • Events & Activities
    • Queens Green Canopy – Jubilee Tree Planting. The opening of the garden by H.M. Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire Helen Nellis (Has been agreed subject to permission from the landowner and availability)
    • “Luton’s Lost Legacies” – This project is similar to “Hertfordshire’s Hidden Histories” project. However, instead of focusing on the slavery history of Luton, “Luton’s Lost Legacies” explores the history and backgrounds of all diverse cultures in Luton and feeds it into the existing narrative as one combined heritage.
      • Part of this project will be to create a heritage walk similar to “The Bunyan Trail” and pull on that nostalgic thread – (we all read Pilgrim’s Progress at school), except instead of a country walk, it’s urban. It combines our heritage sites with our historic industries and iconic/cultural events.
      • The trail would start at SKF in Sundon Park, explore the history of Sundon Park’s ball bearing’s past, travel and explore Leagrave Common and Waulud’s Bank, Bramingham, through to Icknield, the Old Bedford Road to Wardown House.
      • Along the way, various cultural storytelling techniques are used to share and celebrate the stories of residents who have, do and did in ancient times, walk these paths and places.
      • These heritage stories will form part of:-
        • A theatre production in the Temporary Theatre Garden.
        • A digital display on the Piece by Piece project website
    • Children’s Activities:-
      • Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween and seasonal events.
      • Story Telling arts and crafts
      • Playschemes
      • Environment and conservation activities
      • Food and Wellbeing activities
    • Environment and conservation activities (Feeding into wider conservation effort)
      • Landscaping
      • Aquascaping
      • Conservations
      • Wildlife and plant nursery
    • Food and Wellbeing activities
      • Various Wellbeing sessions
        • i.e., Yoga, Martial Arts, Massage Therapy, Beauty Treatments
      • Food Garden Sessions
        • Cultural soup kitchen
        • Nutritionist talks
        • Naturopath talks
    • Art Medicine
      • Variety of Art Therapy and Wellness workshops
    • A Learning Resource Centre
      • Community-led training programme
    • Community Activities, events and projects
      • Providing space for community groups and individuals to provide their community and commercial projects.
      • Monthly Book Club with book shop
  • Sports Services
    • As per agreement
  • Providing services, the community wants and needs
    • Small business/individuals enterprise showcase
    • Signposting to relevant services, i.e., homelessness, debt & legal advice, substance abuse, parental and marriage guidance.
    • Advisory Service days, i.e., lectures, talks, workshops from relevant professionals
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Arts and craft club
    • Exhibitions
    • Organise occasional day and coach trips
    • Public Speaker, Book launches, lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • Venue space for local community groups



  • Community Hub
  • Improvement in health and well being
  • Increased self-confidence, productivity
  • A greater sense of vitality and peace of mind.
  • Improved education and skill attainment
  • Improved physical health from Dance and Art therapy classes
  • Access to a greater range of services.
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Access to learning resources
  • Community Cohesion
  • Reduced anti-social behaviour by providing activities
  • Counselling in stress and pressure can lead to a reduction in work-related stress occurrences, fewer people signed off work with stress-related issues
  • Greater sense of community
  • A space for individuals to get together and socialise
  • Improving the community spirit as well as the self-worth, value and self-esteem of all those participating in services and activities
  • Enriches people’s lives by:-
    • Providing new experiences
    • Encouraging individuals from different backgrounds to meet
    • Bridges the gap between generations
  • Art Medicine
    • The therapy/counselling process helps clients deal with the issues surrounding stress and trauma, such as Shame, Guilt, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Powerlessness, Betrayal and Forgiveness.
    • Develops personal insight and increased self-awareness,
    • Clients better understand their own behaviour and the issues, feelings, and events that motivate them.
    • Improvement in health and wellbeing.
    • Increased self-confidence, productivity
    • A greater sense of vitality and peace of mind
  • Cultural Art
    • A greater understanding of the contribution all nations have made to modern Britain
    • Respect and value for oneself and others, both to person and property.
    • Greater self-awareness – of own cultural rules and how these relate to other cultural traditions and behaviours.
    • Increased confidence – by understanding our reaction to difference and how to develop our cultural awareness.
    • Improved communication skills – by interpreting behaviour according to its cultural rules and so avoiding misunderstandings.
    • Value diversity – by breaking down barriers and demystifying cultural behaviours to value own and other cultural perspectives.
    • Cultural understanding and good citizenship
    • Highlighting the contributions that all people have made to Great Britain. Breaking down myths and stereotypes and providing cultural communities with pride and recognition for their part in creating modern society.