Piece By Peace Project


Piece By Peace Project


This is a project that has been decades in the making.  We will be creating a Community Hub for Sundon Park, piece by piece, over the coming decade.

Luton As One
We are embracing all the local community’s individual skills, talents, and abilities; each person is a jigsaw piece in our society’s landscape.

Working Together
We are taking inspiration from all the diverse backgrounds and cultures within our community and letting each person know that they are a part of a whole and we need them to be complete. 
So that piece by piece, by Piece By Peace Project #TheCommunityCan


Piece By Peace Project #TheCommunityCan

30th April- 12- 4pm



26th June




Working in partnership with Luton Borough Council, Luton Parks Department, Friends of Leagrave Park, Marsh House, the local elected officials and various local community groups, organisations and individuals, we are creating a legacy on Leagrave Park.


Our Midsummer Jubilee festival begins a new face for Leagrave Park. One where the community works side by side and hand in hand with the statutory sector to provide events, workshops and activities run for and by the local community.


Our community-led project “Piece by Piece” will launch with the Jubilee Festival on Leagrave Park. Upon approval of location, plant species and tree maintenance plan, will include a tree procession and planting ceremony with Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire Helen Nellis. In addition, we will be creating a Jubilee Garden with art, plants and culture as a space for the community to host events and run activities.

June 26th will mark the start of a project ran for and by the local community.  The Midsummer Festival will introduce local residents to the space and highlight what is possible.   There will be a large stage area with performers from the local community.


This is a chance for the local community to showcase themselves, their talent and their art.  Its a callout to local singers, dancers, poets, visual arts, D.J.s & M.C.s, providers of children’s activities, stalls,  gardening, art and talk therapies, workshops and exhibitions. 


Working together during the Piece By Peace Project #TheCommunityCan achieve its vision for a creative, cultural, collaborative and cohesive community in which we all thrive.


Festival Participants

The Jubilee Garden

Working with local artists and creatives we are creating a theatre garden with cultural art exhibitions, workshops and performances.  Working with The Luton Historical Society and Luton Heritage Forum to create a Heritage Trail. Using the art of storytelling to enrich the entire community.

The garden will also provide a place where people can come together to just talk or play or create as they choose. We are adding some Fallen Tree Talking Benches repurposed from fallen trees and designed for people to sit when they want to engage in conversation.

By bringing the community together in this way, we aim to empower, inspire, and motivate them to bring their individual skills, abilities, and talents to the whole; so that Piece By Peace, over the next 5-7 years, we will have a more vibrant, energised, motivated community delivering and participating in the services they created for the betterment of all.

With the Piece By Peace Project #TheCommunityCan


We are creating a team to meet weekly at the park to help maintain the garden and the Queen’s Green Canopy trees.

The purpose gardening team will be to feed into the wider conservation effects on Leagrave Park, to keep it beautiful for us all. 

Cultural Artists

There are a number of art projects involving the Jubilee Garden and the Pavilion.  We are looking for artists that can contribute art that reflects all the shapes, sizes, colours and flavours that is Luton. 

Let your inner artist flow and express yourself. 

Wellbeing Guides

Art, Culture, Heritage and Wellbeing.  If you are an artist, creative or practitioner.  We welcome you.

Both the Pavilion and Jubilee Garden provide suitable space for small group sessions.  An indoor or outdoor space within a Bubble. 



The Jubilee Garden

A temporary theatre garden with art, plants and culture.  A space for the community to host events and run activities.

The Jubilee Garden





Luton Borough Council


Friends Of Leagrave Park


Rays Health & WellBeing Association


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Art Undefined


Art Medicine


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