Sharvival Mode

May – June Activities

Leagrave Park, Sundon Park Rd, Sundon Park, Luton LU4 9BD.

Sharvival Mode – A Tribe Called Luton

NINE RED Presents… (C.I.C.) is working with the Sundon Park, Marsh Farm and Leagrave community to create a community hub and theatre garden on Leagrave Park.  

Be u tiful!  

There are many elements to this project that involve the refurbishment of the building and the construction and maintenance of the theatre garden.

We are also hosting a Jubilee Festival and Queen’s Green Canopy Tree Planting with the Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire on 26th June.   

There are many activities:-


  • gardening and landscaping
  • painting and decorating
  • carpentry and woodworking
  • performance and dance
  • arts, crafts and creative work
  • interior and exterior design
  • cleaning, clearing and litter-picking
  • stewarding and marshalling
  • door to door leaflet drop
  • environment, conservation and river maintenance