Woman’s Listening Circle

A Piece by Peace Project on Leagrave Park ran by the Sundon Park Community.

11:30 am – 5:00 pm


22nd  August

Naz and Poetry E.Motion

with Massages by Anna from 1pm


5th  September

Sharon and Health & Nutrition

with Massages by Anna from 1pm


3rd   October

Listening Circle is at 1.30pm

with Chief Superintendent of Bedfordshire Police, Dee Perkins.

Woman’s Listening Circle


First Monday of each month 11.30am – 1pm

Step into the circle and enjoy the surroundings of Mother nature, whilst embracing all it is to be a woman.

Beginning on July 1st with the Chief Superintendant of Bedfordshire Police, the Women’s Listening Circle takes place on the first Monday of every month with a different guest speaker at each event. 

Focus on mental, emotional and physical health, well-being and nutrition. 

From 1pm to 5pm there are a range of complimentary services, from massage to nutrition, hair, beauty and wellbeing.