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Working in partnership with Luton Borough Council, Luton Parks Department, Friends of Leagrave Park, Marsh House, the local elected officials and various local community groups, organisations and individuals, we are creating a legacy on Leagrave Park.

Leagrave Park is at the centre of three wards:- Leagrave, Marsh Farm and Sundon Park. Historically sharing Marsh House as a community centre. However, since the closure of Marsh House as a community centre, there have been few community events on Leagrave Park.


In the early 2010’s we approached LBC to take over the former Sundon Park Library to turn into a community hub. At this time, we conducted community surveys, feedback forms and community discussions. We also had a door-to-door leaflet drop of surveys.

Since partnering with LBC in September 2021, we again ‘called-out’ to the community; this project responds to community suggestions.   However, only if we work together can we all make it happen.  Luton As One – For Us, By Us & For All. #TheCommunityCan

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A Meeting Place 

  • Senior people’s learning and skill attainment activities
  • Holiday Playschemes and activities for young people aged 5 – 15
  • Coffee mornings
  • Under 5’s early learning play centre
  • Youth Mentoring 13 – 18
  • Gardening & Conservation Club
  • Paintings in the Park events
  • Poetry in the Park events
  • Art Medicine Sessions
  • Well-Being & Nutrition Sessions
  • Myrna Loy’s – Inspirational Herbal Tea Kitchen
  • Ray’s Health & Wellbeing Association
  • Caribbean sporting contribution to England and Luton art installations
  • As well as other events, activities and workshops

Events & Activities

  • Queens Green Canopy – Jubilee Tree Planting. 
  • Midsummer Jubilee Festival
  • “Luton’s Lost Legacies” – This project is similar to “Hertfordshire’s Hidden Histories” project. However, instead of focusing on the slavery history of Luton, “Luton’s Lost Legacies” explores the history and backgrounds of all diverse cultures in Luton and feeds it into the existing narrative as one combined heritage.
  • Children’s Activities.
  • Environment and conservation activities
  • Various Wellbeing sessions
  • Food Garden Sessions
  • Nutrition and Health sessions
  • Variety of Art Therapy and Wellness workshops
  • Monthly  Learning Resource Centre
  • Space for community groups and individuals to provide their community and commercial projects.
  • Monthly Book Club with book shop
  • Sports Services
  • Services the community wants and needs
  • Venue space for local community groups
  • Cultural Awareness sessions – Highlighting the contributions that all people have made to Great Britain. Breaking down myths and stereotypes and providing cultural communities with pride and recognition for their part in creating modern society.

Community Benefits

  • Community Hub
  • Improvement in health and well being
  • Increased self-confidence, productivity
  • A greater sense of vitality and peace of mind.
  • Improved education and skill attainment
  • Improved physical health from Dance and Art therapy classes
  • Access to a greater range of services.
  • Activities and entertainment
  • Access to learning resources
  • Community Cohesion
  • Reduced anti-social behaviour by providing activities
  • Counselling in stress and pressure can lead to a reduction in work-related stress occurrences, fewer people signed off work with stress-related issues
  • Greater sense of community
  • A space for individuals to get together and socialise
  • Improving the community spirit as well as the self-worth, value and self-esteem of all those participating in services and activities. 
  • Develops personal insight and increased self-awareness,
  • Clients better understand their own behaviour and the issues, feelings, and events that motivate them.
  • Improvement in health and wellbeing.
  • Increased self-confidence, productivity
  • A greater sense of vitality and peace of mind

Community Enrichment

Enriches people’s lives by:-

  • Providing new experiences
  • Encouraging individuals from different backgrounds to meet
  • Bridges the gap between generations

Art Medicine

  • The therapy/counselling process helps clients deal with the issues surrounding stress and trauma, such as Shame, Guilt, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Powerlessness, Betrayal and Forgiveness.

Cultural Art

  • A greater understanding of the contribution all nations have made to modern Britain
  • Respect and value for oneself and others, both to person and property.
  • Greater self-awareness – of own cultural rules and how these relate to other cultural traditions and behaviours.
  • Increased confidence – by understanding our reaction to difference and how to develop our cultural awareness.
  • Improved communication skills – by interpreting behaviour according to its cultural rules and so avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Value diversity – by breaking down barriers and demystifying cultural behaviours to value own and other cultural perspectives.
  • Cultural understanding and good citizenship
  • Breaking down myths and stereotypes.



The Community Hub

Our community-led project “Piece by Piece” will launch with the Jubilee Festival on Leagrave Park. #TheCommunityCan 

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